Easy to Use Robot Mowers for Landscapers

Simply drop off a Sensori Robot Mower on a customer’s site and press play on the mobile app.   Come back when the app tells you to and redeploy the robot to the next customer.

Landscaper Issues...

Sensori Robot Mower Solutions..

Speedy Mowing

Drop off a mower at each site in an area. As your crew finishes other work they are notified when to pick up mowers and move to another site.

Landscaper Focused

Just press play at each location, once one-time simple setup is complete. Batteries last for at least one full mow and batteries are easy to swap.

Any Lawn Anywhere

Sensori Robot Mowers use multiple location methodologies to mow open lawns, near buildings and under trees.

Cloud Software

If a mower has an issue just replace it with another and it will pick up where the other left off. Monitor each job in real-time via mobile.

How does it work?


Use a joystick to drive the perimeter of the area to mow. An optional underground wire can also be added.


After defining areas, striping can be set to vary angles to avoid ruts.


Define paths between areas


When ready to mow, just drop off mower at site and press play!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sensori Robot Mower Solution mows safely – it will auto stop when it encounters an unknown obstacle. The blades will stop when the mower is picked up.   

Sensori Robot Mower Solutions is a full solution as a service – you pay a monthly fee per mower for your fleet of mowers. No capital outlay to purchase the mower up front,  just pay the first and last month of your contract. 

The Sensori Robot contract is 36 months. 

Currently Sensori Robotics is serving the North Texas area. We would love to put you on the list as we expand to other regions. 

Because the mower is electric there is not much to maintain with the Sensori Mowers.  Blades are easily replaceable. The “brain” of the robot can be uninstalled and shipped back to us if there is an issue. 

All Sensori Robotic Mowers are electric mowers. 

There is a push from states and municipalities to move from gas-powered yard equipment to electric-powered. The amount of fuel consumed by current gas-powered equipment is equal to the amount of carbon sequestered by the lawns. The more we can move to electric-based equipment like Sensori Mowers, the more we will help the environment.

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