These Support & Maintenance Terms (“Support Terms”) set forth Sensori’s and Customer’s obligations with respect to support and maintenance services in connection with the Services, and forms an integral part of the Agreement (as defined in the Standard Terms). Sensori may from time-to-time make reasonable modifications to these Support Terms and such modifications are effective immediately upon publication.

  1. Online Support. Answers to common support and maintenance questions can be found on Sensori’s website and in the materials provided to Customer during initial training. Customer should review these resources prior to contacting Sensori for additional support.
  2. Phone/Email Support. If Customer is unable to resolve issues using the online support resources, Customer may contact Sensori for technical support from 8AM to 5PM Central Monday-Friday (except major holidays) via phone at 214-307-2432 or via email at
  3. Service Requests. In the event a warranty claim or support request cannot be resolved via online or phone support, Customer may submit a service request to Sensori. Service requests shall include the serial number and description of the Equipment and a detailed description of the problem, and Customer shall make itself available for any questions Sensori may have to help diagnose the issue and determine whether the issue is covered by the warranties set forth in in Section 8.1 of the Standard Terms. Customer acknowledges and agrees that, in some instances, in order for Sensori to provide support services, Sensori may require access to systems or databases that may contain Customer Data or Personal Data, as defined in the Privacy Policy available at Any such access or Processing of Personal Data will be undertaken pursuant to the Standard Terms and the Privacy Policy. Service Requests will be handled as follows:
    • Field Replacement. The Equipment is designed in a modular fashion, allowing various components to be easily replaced by Customer with field-replaceable components (“FRC”) provided by Sensori. Whenever possible, this is Sensori’s preferred approach for servicing damaged or defective Equipment, whether or not covered by the Warranties set forth in in Section 8.1 of the Standard Terms. Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that, at Sensori’s sole discretion, all warranty claims and service requests may be satisfied through its provision of FRCs to Customer, and Customer’s installation thereof, in accordance with instructions provided by Sensori.
    • Service Returns. In the event the Parties mutually agree for the return of certain Equipment, whether under a warranty claim or otherwise, Sensori will then provide to Customer a return material authorization (RMA) tracking number. Customer must obtain an RMA prior to sending any Equipment to Sensori – if Customer sends any Equipment to Sensori without first obtaining a corresponding RMA, Sensori may, at its sole discretion, return the Equipment to Customer and invoice Customer for the return shipping costs. Once Sensori receives the returned Equipment in connection with a breach of warranty claim, Sensori shall determine, in its sole discretion, if the Equipment is defective and covered by the warranties set forth in in Section 8.1 of the Standard Terms. If so, Sensori shall repair the defective Equipment as set forth Section 8.1 of the Standard Terms or, if Sensori is unable to repair the defective Equipment, Sensori will deliver to Customer equivalent Equipment at no charge. If Sensori determines that the Equipment is not covered by the warranties set forth in in Section 8.1 of the Standard Terms, Sensori will notify Customer and, upon receiving Customer’s authorization, either repair or replace the Equipment (or damaged/defective components thereof) at Sensori’s then-current rates. Customer shall bear all shipping costs associated with its sending and Sensori’s returning of Equipment (whether as-is, as-repaired, or as-replaced) unless Sensori determines that the Equipment is defective and covered by the warranties set forth in in Section 8.1 of the Standard Terms.
  4. End of Life. From time to time, Sensori may no longer support certain Equipment and such Equipment may no longer be compatible with the Software Service. Sensori shall work with Customer to transition Customer to new Equipment and shall at that time identify any costs associated therewith. If Customer chooses not to transition to new Equipment, Sensori shall not be liable for providing the Software Service in connection with the old Equipment, and Customer shall continue to pay to Sensori all Fees due under the applicable Order Form(s).

                                                                End of Support Terms                                                             


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